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5 Easy Steps For A Standout Rental Listing

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5 easy steps for a standout rental listing

The mediocre rental listing can easily get lost in the shuffle. Remember, when clients are looking for rentals, they are looking for a place to call home. Here are 5 key elements you should include in a rental ad when listing your house for rent.

1 – Create a detailed rental description

When shopping for a new place to call home renters are comparing listings with their “must-have” and “nice-to-have” features. Important rental characteristics renters are looking for can include:

  • Is the price within their budget?
  • Is the area safe?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Does it include the preferred number of bedrooms?
  • Are there private outdoor spaces?

Including relevant information in your rental listing will save time for both you and the renters. So be sure to cover this key information.

2 – Clearly display rent, lease duration and required fees.

Can a perspective renter afford your property? It’s important to clearly state the asking rent, application fee, security deposit, utilities and lease term. Also include any HOA fees, if applicable. If this information is not transparent, a potential renter may decide to pass on your home.

3 – Highlight recent upgrades and desirable home features

Things like storage, flooring materials and energy efficient upgrades will set your listing apart from the rest when you advertise. Some unique features to include if applicable are:


Do you have hardwood? Laminate? Tile?

Natural light and windows

Having lots of windows can make a difference to renters, especially if the house is smaller. Mention any oversized and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Storage and closets

Let prospective renters know about any walk-in closets or pantries. As well as any large closets for storage space


Let the renter know if the kitchen has desirable features, like stainless steel appliances, or maybe a double oven. Maybe the AC and water heater are brand new.

Smart home features

Wireless doorbells, smart thermostats and other electronics can add value for many prospective renters.


List what utilities are included, if any. As well as what’s available. Cable? Satellite TV? Internet?


Is there a garage, covered assigned parking space?

4 – Include high-quality photos on your ad

Viewing photos of the home is described as extremely or very important by 60% of renter’s polled on sites like Zillow. So a listing with poor photos may not receive much attention. One without any photos may not even receive a second glance. I suggest using a professional real estate photographer when listing rental properties to maximize visibility.

5 – Market nearby amenities when you list your house for rent

When renters are looking for a new home the property itself is not the only factor in the rental search. Including information about the homes proximity to transit, shopping, libraries, pools or other area features can influence a renters decision to contact you. Point out anything that makes the neighborhood desirable. Especially if it’s not obvious to someone just driving by. For example, Summer concerts at the nearby park walking or biking trails specialty food stores or restaurants. Other unique spaces or businesses

Remember to avoid descriptions that might violate fair housing laws, even if they seem harmless. Follow these easy steps to make sure your property stands out against the competition. For more videos on the real estate and rental market, make sure to check out our real estate property management page and our real estate and property management blog for more helpful articles and videos.

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