Julianna Faranesh – Realtor

Through her educational journey, Julianna demonstrated admirable dedication in pursuing her goals.

Julianna Faranesh’s story shows how much grit and expertise she poured into her path to success. A proud alumna of Lansing Community College, Julianna achieved her Associate’s degree in Business Administration in 2009. Julianna’s thirst for learning was far from quenched. In 2014, she nailed her Nursing degree from the College of Southern Nevada, proving she’s all-in on health care and business.

A Realtor with a Heart for Service

Julianna’s diverse educational background laid a solid foundation for her career as a Realtor. When Julianna got her real estate license, she mixed sharp business savvy with the warm understanding she honed as a nurse. Julianna’s knack for weaving empathy with sharp business savvy means she nails the personal side of real estate as much as the professional. 

A Personal Touch in a Professional World

At the core of Julianna’s success is her passion for spending quality time with her family. Julianna’s heart is full as she fosters a nurturing environment for Zain and Jude, her children, alongside Wasim, her supportive partner. She pours the same love and devotion into her work as at home, treating every client like family with unwavering care.

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Julianna Faranesh

Customer Reviews

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The team at Faranesh Real Estate and Property Management is absolutely phenomenal! They are extremely knowledgeable, are very trustworthy, and get things done efficiently and in a timely manner. I feel so fortunate and at ease knowing that they are managing my property.
Bridget Goldfarb
36 weeks ago
Faranesh Real Estate has helped me manage my home for more than a year. They helped tidy up/ repaired my property so the property was ready to be listed for rent with the most reasonable prices possible. They make the renting process fast, easy and take good care of my home while I’m not in town. They response quickly even on weekends. Highly trusted business.
Kim Nguyen
2 weeks ago
Faranesh has managed my property for almost a year. I am very impressed with their efficiency. They rented out my property in less than 2 weeks which took my previous property manager more than 2 months and still did not rent out in the end. They are very quick to respond and easy to communicate, particularly through email. I got almost instant response through email. This is very helpful since I do not live locally and I do not have time and bandwidth to take care of my property. They offered good advice and helped me to repair my property with reasonable cost. After they managed my property for one year, I feel my property is in good hand. I am very happy with their performance and will continue to stay with them.
Melissa Nan
2 months ago

Active Lifestyle, Active Service

Julianna’s energy is boundless. Julianna makes time to exercise, recognizing the benefits of an active lifestyle. Her relentless energy perfectly matches the fast-paced real estate sector, where she’s celebrated for her spirited drive and unwavering tenacity. 

Culinary Creations: Nourishing Bodies and Relationships

Cooking is more than a hobby for Julianna; it expresses love. For Julianna, each dish she crafts bridges people closer during a warm family dinner or an upbeat gathering with friends.

A Pillar in Faranesh Real Estate and Property Management

Julianna’s diverse skills and personal interests enrich Faranesh Real Estate and Property Management. Julianna’s knack for business and her solid grasp of the housing market blended with a personal touch, are central to our company’s commitment to looking after each client. Julianna truly lives by the principles that make our company shine: a solid trust in her relationships, unwavering commitment to her work, and top-notch service that goes above and beyond.


Julianna Faranesh - Realtor

Nurturing Success in Real Estate and Beyond

For those looking for a Realtor who combines professional expertise with a genuine understanding of client needs, Julianna Faranesh is the ideal choice. Julianna Faranesh stands out not merely as a Realtor but as your devoted ally, guiding you with her distinctive combination of expertise and heartfelt dedication through the twists and turns of your property quest.

Contact Faranesh Real Estate and Property Management today to experience the dedication, expertise, and personal touch that Julianna Faranesh brings to every client interaction. License #S.0199923

Julianna Faranesh - Realtor