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Air Conditioning Emergencies

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Air Conditioning Emergencies

It’s the middle of summer, and one of your tenants calls to report their air conditioning has gone out. If you own a rental property in Las Vegas, this may be a phone call you’re all too familiar with. Getting a service technician to go out during the busiest time of the year can be a real hassle. So taking the right steps to prevent maintenance issues and having a plan of action in place when a rental emergency strikes is the key. Follow this guide to cover all your bases.

Avoid emergencies with preventative maintenance. Before summer hits, have your outdoor condenser units inspected by a licensed HVAC technician. There are steps they can take to improve the efficiency and extend the life of your units. Inspections of the panels that cover the outdoor condenser units should be done regularly, especially during warmer months.

Having the airflow blocked by leaves, pet hair, or litter can shorten the life of your unit. In our lease agreements, we require the tenants to replace the indoor filters once a month. This is a good idea, especially if your tenants have pets. For landlords that worry about tenants remembering to change the filters, think about implementing a quarterly service and having a technician go and replace the filters for your tenant. This cost can often be passed on to the tenant in the monthly rent.

Consider hiring an HVAC company to do some preventative maintenance. This could end up saving you money and headache in the long run. Many HVAC companies charge much less for schedule tune ups or preventative maintenance over an emergency call in the hottest parts of the summer. Be prepared when an emergency strikes. The inconvenience of a broken AC can quickly turn into a full blown emergency, especially in homes with older tenants or younger children. In some states, air conditioning is considered an amenity and is not required by law to be repaired in a timely manner. However, in states such as Nevada, AC is considered to be an essential right and required to keep a rental premises habitable. When that emergency AC call comes in, be ready to help your tenants by having a few reputable HVAC companies ready to call.

It’s also a great idea to have portable AC units on hand to provide your tenant in case the technician isn’t able to get there right away or the same day. In Nevada, Clark County offers cooling stations during months with excessive heat. It’s a good idea to know where these stations are in case you need to pass that information on to your tenant.

Dealing with HVAC repair can be frustrating. But remember, a happy tenant is one who renews the lease and is more likely to take care of your home. Handling AC issues properly is an important step in keeping tenants happy and protecting your rental property. Thanks for watching.

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