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What To Do If A Tenant Damages Your Rental Property?

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It’s essential to have a good relationship between landlords and tenants. But there are times when it is not easy, and the tenant damages your rental property. What should you do if a tenant destroys your rental property? Well, here are some tips for what to do if that happens! These will help you get through this challenging situation and move forward in peace.

Document the Damage

Documenting the damage can be a great way to prepare for incidents like this. Determine if it’s more than just normal wear and tear. You should make sure to document what the damage is, when it happened and how you discovered it. 

One of the most common questions landlords have is, “What should I do if my tenant damages my property?” Your first step is to take pictures of the damages and keep track of any communications you have with your tenant. Be sure to keep copies of all your records in a safe place to make them easy to access and provide to any relevant authorities if necessary.

It would help if you also kept all your communication with the tenant organized. For instance, make a file of all emails and save any voicemails the tenants leave. At the very least, you should have an email trail outlining all communications between you and your tenant regarding damage repair.

In some cases, it might be more convenient to write up a formal letter that details the damages to the property and any issues you may need from your tenant. Be sure to have this letter notarized as proof of receipt by your tenant.

 For all parties involved to be protected, make sure everything is in writing at all times. If there are any disputes later on, having a detailed set of records will help you immensely.

Have a Conversation with the Tenant 

It is vital to have a sit-down conversation with the tenant and discuss what happened. Ask them if they know why it might have happened or what might have caused it. Sometimes, an accident can happen that was unintentional. For example, a child might spill something while playing in the kitchen without realizing what they’ve done.

If you think that the tenant intentionally damaged something, or you are not sure if it was intentional or not, proceed with extreme caution. For example, it might be best to let the tenant know that they will need to leave your property soon and give them time to look for new housing.

 Determine if the Tenant is Willing to Pay for the Damages

In some cases, your tenant might be willing to cover the damages instead of you (that is, as long as you have a document that outlines what your expectations are). Have them either sign or initial this document and keep it in your records for future use. Allow them to learn about their renters rights in Las Vegas and laws in Nevada. 

The next step is to determine if they are willing to pay for the damages. If they refuse, it might be necessary to request an additional security deposit from them upfront before signing their lease. This amount should be similar to how much the damages cost. 

If they agree to this, then make sure that it is documented and you can keep a record of the exchange.

Evict Them or Take Them To Court

You can sue the tenant in small claims court for the value of the damages plus court costs. You can also evict them as soon as you find out about the property damages, assuming they have not paid any rent or have violated some other part of the contract.

If you decide to pursue one of these options, you must move quickly. If you’re planning to sue them in small claims court, you must file the lawsuit within six months. To evict them, make sure to give enough notice and follow Nevada laws on eviction notices.

How Hiring a Reputable Property Management Company in Las Vegas Can Help

If you need help renting your property, Faranesh Real Estate and Property Management specializes in finding quality tenants at competitive rates. Our team of Las Vegas property management experts can take care of everything if you don’t have the time or ability to find tenants or don’t want to manage your property.

Plan for what will happen if your tenant damages any part of the property. At Faranesh Real Estate and Property Management, we specialize in leasing properties with quality tenants at competitive rates. If you’re not in the position to find or rent out your rental units, give us a call today! We’ll help take care of all aspects so that you can focus on other things.

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