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Protecting Your Investment: The Importance of Effective Pest Control for Property Owners

A quick way to lose money on a rental property is through a pest infestation. Pests aren’t just annoying; they can threaten your property and the health of those who live there. The right approach is needed to avoid the unexpected repairs associated with pest control services.

Who Calls Pest Control in a Rental Property?

In the first 30 days of a rental agreement, the owner is responsible for the first service requested by the tenant. Pest control is the tenant’s responsibility after the first 30 days. It is strongly recommended that an owner have it serviced before a tenant moves in or build a recurring service into the rent.

Are Landlords Responsible for Pest Control in Nevada?

The property should be handed over to the tenants pest-free. The tenant can call code enforcement, and code enforcement can require the owner to handle the pest if they feel it was not their fault. Single family homes are less likely to experience this than multi-family properties (e.g., fourplexes).

What Is the Tenant’s Responsibility for Pest Control in Las Vegas?

Tenants should work to avoid bringing pets into a dwelling. However, if pests are affecting the health and safety of tenants, landlords are required to eliminate the pest in a way permitted by Nevada law.

How Does the Lease Play Into Pest Control and Who Is Responsible?

Pest control expenses can be outlined in the rental agreement. The tenant may be responsible for pest control if they pile up garbage outside, leave materials outside for rats and spiders to nest, or bring in bed bugs.

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Top 3 Ways to Prevent a Pest Infestation on Your Nevada Property

There are numerous ways to avoid pest infestation on your Nevada property. The following three are the best places to start.

One method of preventative pest control is making sure no sources of shelter, water, or food are available. Educate tenants if they’re living in a way that makes pests more likely to come inside.
You should also seal and close up any holes and cracks on the outside of the home. Some pests will find these areas and make their way into the home. This can turn into a huge problem.
Make sure tenants have access to a garage receptacle with a tightly closing lid. The more frequently garbage is removed, the fewer pests you are likely to have on the property.

Can a Tenant Break Their Lease Because of Roaches?

Yes. Nevada is one of only a few states that allows a tenant to break their lease for any reason they like. In addition, tenants cannot be held responsible for payment of the rest of the lease. This makes it even more important that you handle pest control as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Let an Expert Property Manager Handle Your Investment in Las Vegas

Are you ready to team up with a company that understands Nevada pest control regulations? Faranesh Real Estate and Property Management acts as a Las Vegas property manager who helps ensure your landlord responsibilities are met. Reach out to us today to get started.

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The Importance of Effective Pest Control for Property Owners

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