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When someone moves into a property, they expect that the home will be safe and secure. This means that the only people that should have keys to the home are the tenants and the landlord/property manager for emergencies. However, over the years, there will be new tenants coming and going from the property. This means that all of those tenants could have keys to the home.

Even if the landlord collects the keys when the tenant leaves, there is no telling how many copies of the keys they have made. In addition to collecting the keys, the landlords will want to be sure to put new locks on the property. This includes locks for all of the doors, the garage, storage locations, etc. All of the areas that have locks and keys will need to have them replaced before the new tenant arrives.

Why Rekeying is Essential

It comes down to the safety of the new renters in the unit. They deserve to feel comfortable and at peace in their new home. Even if they do not ask whether the locks are new, landlords should make sure that they’ve been replaced. If there were a break-in at the property and items were stolen or someone was hurt, there could be a liability issue if the old locks were kept on the unit.

There is also the case of evictions and when a tenant has left the property before the lease is up. Keep in mind that you can’t lock a tenant out of a home by changing the keys while they are out. However, when a tenant breaks the lease, it may be possible to replace the locks so they do not return to damage the property. Landlords shouldn’t try to figure out all of the legalities of the locks and keys on their own. Instead, they should make it a point to work with Faranesh Real Estate and Property Management. We can handle everything that happens with your locks and keys.

In some leases, there may be a clause that says the renters are not allowed to duplicate keys without talking with property management or the landlord first. This is to help keep track of the number of keys that are “out there” for the property. It is important to stress to the tenants that they need to take care of the keys and that they shouldn’t give them out to others or leave them hidden around the property.

In the event of a lockout, the property management company should try to be responsive to get the tenant back into the property. If the tenant still can’t find the key, the locks may need to be replaced. If this is the case, the tenant would be responsible for the cost.

When Keys Are Lost

Everyone loses their keys from time to time. Fortunately, we usually find them after a few minutes of frantic searching. However, sometimes, a renter will lose a key to the house and not be able to find it. When this happens, they should let the landlord or property management company know about the situation, so the locks can be rekeyed. However, this expense should not fall to the landlord. Instead, the cost should be handled by the tenant. This should be noted in the lease agreement.

What Happens with the Mailbox Keys?

When a new renter comes to the property, they will need to change out the mailbox keys. This is for security reasons since former tenants will have keys to the mailbox. Even though the past tenants might have been wonderful people who would never dream of stealing someone’s mail, this is not always the case.

Additionally, there is a chance that they could have lost their mailbox key and someone else may have found it. There is also the chance that someone else near the property has a copy of the key. This might happen if they were friends with the tenant and checked their mail for them when they were on vacation, for example.

The best course of action is to suggest to the new occupants that they change out their mailbox keys. Keep in mind that they have to do this at their expense. They can contact the Post Office to get the new keys and lock for their mailbox.

When the Property is Vacant

We always use electronic lockboxes on properties while they are vacant. These allow us to monitor the property and send email and text notifications to the owner. By monitoring the property, we will know if there are any problems at the home before a new tenant occupies the space. One of the best features of this system is that it can provide us with notifications in real-time. This means we can act fast if there is an issue, which should give you more peace of mind.

Quality Locks and Keys Matter

When replacing the locks, quality is important. The locks need to be durable and strong, and they need to be correct for the doors where they will be used. Additionally, the locks should be checked to ensure they are operating properly. If they stick or if they don’t work right, they will not be doing their job. The cost of replacing the locks and keys is not very high, and it can be done quickly. Landlords should never skip making replacements when needed. At Faranesh, we always handle the locks and keys properly for your property.

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There is more to think about with the locks and keys than many people realize. Therefore, landlords will want to have the help of someone that knows and understands the requirements, laws, and best practices. Take the time to get into contact with Faranesh Real Estate and Property Management today. We can help with all of the lock and key-related issues, help find tenants, get the properties shown, and take care of all of the hard work that you don’t want to handle on your own.

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